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CNC shearing machine blade gap adjustment method of


First of all, the shear angle shears upper blade set at 0 °, and its methods of operation are as follows: starting fuel pump on the program page under the main menu "8" to confirm, and then enter the ACCESS code CODE 741 to confirm enter the Diagnostics page, select "DIGITALOUT ... ... 2 "confirmed into digital output page, again through page found" 8......=0 "or" 9......=0 ", 8th article is Dang 8=1 Shi, shear angle variable big, 8=0 is shear angle not variable, 9th article is Dang 9=1 Shi, shear angle variable small, 9=0 is shear angle not variable, 8 or 9 lost for 0 or 1, is through by" "key mutual conversion, dang need shear angle variable hours, is select 9...... = 0, press "" to confirm and change of Visual angle of shear, when the desired cutting angle and then press "" stop.


By adjusting the shearing machine blade, the shear angle is 0, turn off the pump, and then manually adjust the throttle valve, the slider down slowly, to the upper and lower blades overlapping, close the throttle. Then through the hand wheel on the Panel adjust the shear gap between the upper and lower blade to a minimum, using a feeler gauge testing actual clearance between the upper and lower blades, and prepare records.


As cut shearing machine blade ends of clearance ranging, can through regulation rod for regulation, method following: Panasonic regulation Rod bottom of lock tight nut, turned regulation Rod until upper and lower blade ends clearance equal, twist locked tight nut can; as upper and lower blade middle of clearance not meet requirements, can through regulation within six angle tight set screws M16*60 and within six angle screws M12*65 to followed by regulation cut Board machine blade Middle clearance, makes whole upper and lower blade of parallel degrees errors control in 0.05mm within can. Certainly must repeatedly to get the desired blade clearance adjustment M12*65 Hexagon screw M16*60 Hexagon socket set screws.


In cut Board machine upper and lower blade clearance parallel degrees confirmed adjustable good to of, should close cut Board machine and again up moving; at, cut Board machine of shear angle recovery to original of angle, then again close pump, with throttle valve will sliding block slowly declined, segment check the paragraph of blade clearance whether and system original set of clearance same, as not match, also can through regulation rod for regulation, guarantee upper and lower blade of actual clearance and system original set clearance same can.

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