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Shearing machine blades material


Shanghai Zhengli Blades is a leading manufacturer and supplier of shearing machine blades, cnc shearing machine blades, hydraulic shearing machine blades, foot shearing machine blades, mechanical shearing machine blades. we are engaged in the production of shearing machine blades have been 20 years, is Chinese professional shearing machine blades manufacturer. our team is based on 20 years of development shearing machine, shearing machine blades optimized for raw materials, processing technology and other aspects, so as to ensure our shearing machine blades more resistant than ordinary shearing machine blades, rugged, high precision and the price is very advantageous.

In terms of raw materials, we have in-depth cooperation with several major Chinese steel mills, such as Baosteel, Shougang, Angang, effectively guarantee our raw material intact, no internal injury, commonly used raw materials are: 9CrSi, SKD11,6CrW2Si, Cr12MoV, H13K, HMB, W18Cr4V other high-quality alloy tool steel.

Processing determines the quality level of the quality of shearing machine blades. Our factory after 20 years of process optimization improvements, plus a full set of numerical control equipment imported from Germany, in the shearing machine blades industry leader. Based processing technology: high-temperature forging, annealing, CNC machining, quenching, tempering, coarse grinding, the second tempering, grinding, polishing and so on.

Our factory production shearing machine blades at the factory, to go through multi-channel inspection process to ensure that each blade factory are qualified products, and our experienced engineers will personally periodic sampling inspection, anti-fatigue testing, inspection and blade precision, hardness and wear resistance.

Currently our factory production shearing machine blades have passed the ISO:9001, ce certification, SGS certification.

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